Eli Stone and Visions….

Eli Stone is a TV series (on ABC from January 31, 2008 to July 11, 2009) about a lawyer in San Francisco who sees visions.  These are very much like dreams that he has during his waking hours, giving him signs and messages that help him figure out his life and where he is going.  He gets messages about his cases as well as his personal life.  Having visions is not something discussed at the Swedish Lutheran seminary my father went to in the 1940s in Illinois but he did have numinous experiences and there no one to talk to about it.  When he became a chaplain after serving as a pastor for several years, he found a way to channel this interest and became a proponent of dreams.  Learning from dreams is dependent on our taking time to remember them.  He learned from Morton Kelsey who said that they are God’s way of talking to us.  Eli Stone went to an acupuncturist who he could talk to about his dreams.  Having a vision was what directed my father to become a minister.  Lutherans talk about having a calling which doesn’t have to be a minister and my father directed me to not become a pastor just because it was a career but to find my call wherever that took me.  We live at such a fast pace in urban settings, trying to work and make money, that we often don’t take time to remember our dreams.  This is a reminder to talk to that inner voice; to rely on a greater power.  Not doing this is what gets us into addictive behavior.  I’m telling myself at the same time I write this.

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